Our mission is to help students achieve and exceed their goals, by offering unique and quality guaranteed study support


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  • Great salary
  • Flexible working hours
  • Work from home
  • Enjoy training courses for free
  • Use exam bundles for free
  • Get a discount on all thesis and 1 on 1 support
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Join us so we can accomplish our mission together, by enabling students to achieve and exceed their goals!

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About TentamenTrainingen.nl

Together, this is what we stand for!

Our mission is to help students achieve and exceed their goals, by offering unique and quality guaranteed study support. 

By offering quality guaranteed study support, we enable students to achieve their goals. We help them pass their exams, finish their studies and during writing their theses.

How? You may ask. TentamenTrainingen.nl offers quality guaranteed support to help you achieve your goals! With your exams, writing your thesis and finishing your study in general.

TentamenTrainingen.nl is your personal partner for achieving and exceeding your goals. Subjects and classes who you are not best mates with, will become acquaintances or even a friend, or better, a best friend!

What if you are already amazing in one specific or in all of your subjects? Or what if you have written a thesis on the level beyond geniusim? Tentamentrainingen.nl provides you with the opportunity to fulfil different positions and jobs to practice and receive experience with teaching and/or managing skills. In addition you will join a large network of hardworking enthusiasts throughout the country.

Tentamentrainingen.nl believes that every individual has their own unique set of skills and is developing these on their own pace. You will experience this freedom in setting up your team as you want it, with the help and coaching from professionals.

A distinguished feature is that TentamenTrainingen.nl offers an unique and quality guaranteed study support. Combined with our unique money back-warranty, our teacher trainings and publicly accessible user reviews, we ensure the quality in our study support. We offer students tutoring courses and thesis support which they aren’t able to find at their own university (yet). We want to contribute to improving education by sharing our knowledge with students, our teachers, trainingmanagers and universities.

Our Company Values

These are our five core values here at TentamenTrainingen.nl. They guide how we work, make decisions, and they push us to always strive for the best as individuals and as a team. Whenever you’re in doubt, reflect on the values!

Tentamentrainingen.nl follows five core values. They determined for the work ethic, give direction during decision making and give the ability to strive for the best! Individual and teamwise. Whenever you’re in doubt, reflect on the values!

Outstanding Teachers + Feedback + Warranty = QUALITY

We distinguish ourselves by offering study support with the best quality. This guarantee consist of three different factors:

  • Our teachers are of high quality. We train, coach and guide our teachers through the philosophy of ‘Teach the Teacher’
  • Our user reviews are publicly accessible and we proactively ask for feedback from our customers with the purpose to improve and innovate.
  • We offer an unique ‘Money back’-warranty.

 We pursue personal development and growth.

This is achieved through three different ways: 

  • We help you, our customers, to grow and learn everyday by helping you to achieve and exceed your goals.
  • Our team is innovative and constantly adapting via training, guidance and coaching which are relevant to the level of the Dutch education system.
  • We implement the feedback of our customers and employees to improve ourselves every day.

Teamwork makes the dream work.

As a team we work from different cities in the Netherlands, but nonetheless everyone is part of the team. We help each other out, from Groningen to Maastricht and from Amsterdam to Nijmegen. Because our team is dived throughout the country, we always strive to improve our team feeling by organizing events locally and centrally. 

There is an informal atmosphere within our team. We are honest with each other, open to everyone's ideas and everyone’s involved in making decisions. In our TentamenTrainingingen.nl Team everyone’s opinion is welcome and valued.

We recognize independence and responsibility. 

We value the differences between each other colleague. Every individual has an own vision, background, experiences and opinion worth sharing! This results in responsibility for your own performance, no matter the function or position. With the combined freedom and possibilities to develop your skills we create a family culture in our workspace wherein help is easily received. We believe in and follow the philosophy of the Self Determination Theory by Deci and Ryan.

We are transparent, straightforward and customer friendly. 

We are open and transparent towards our customers, employees and Universities. We are straight-forward in our communication and have a no-nonsense culture.  We think it is important that our customers are happy and do everything we can to ensure this. We respond quickly and can be reached via E-mail, Facebook, Whatsapp and phone. We make our website easy accessible, strive to find the best solutions and keep everyone satisfied. 

Our team

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At TentamenTrainingen.nl we take education seriously ...

... that is why you will always be onboarded through an introduction when you join our team!

TentamenTrainingen.nl HQ

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Ons kantoor bevindt zich in Amsterdam aan de Schipholweg 66. Wij zijn echter actief in alle studentensteden van Nederland en er is altijd een collega beschikbaar om in jouw stad of digitaal een sollicitatiegesprek met je te voeren!